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Welcome to Avancé Beauty College – Beauty School in San Diego, CA

Avancé Beauty College in San Diego, CA lets you step into one of the most exciting, dynamic, fast-growing, creative, and potentially profitable professions in the world of Cosmetology today. Learning the “Art of Hairstyling” starts you on the journey of being a professional Cosmetologist.

We instruct students in all phases of Hairstyling; Thermal hairstyling; Permanent waving; Chemical straightening; Haircutting; Hair Coloring and Bleaching; Scalp and Hair treatments; Facials (manual), Facials (electrical), Facials (chemical); Eyebrow Arching and Hair Removal; Make-up; Water and Oil Manicures; Complete Pedicure; Artificial Nails; Liquid Powder and Brush-ons; Artificial Nail Tips; Nail Wraps and Repairs; Barbering & Cosmetology Act, Board Rules and Regulations, and Performance Criteria; Cosmetology Chemistry; Theory of Electricity in Cosmetology; Health and Safety/Hazardous Substance; Disinfection and Sanitation; Bacteriology, Anatomy and Physiology; Employment Training.
Avancé Beauty College offers an intimate learning environment in both Spanish and English where students are our priority!! Our experienced instructors come from the industry and are experienced professionals and dedicated teachers. The programs they teach provide training in both practical applications and theory skills. Classes offered in Spanish and English.





Make-up Artistry


Spa Nails


When I first walked in, I thought “Wow, what an elegant place”. This was not the typical beauty school impression. The service was awesome and everyone was so friendly. Also, they were bilingual with well trained students that were supervised. Makes for a great learning environment that is very spacious with great energy. I give it an A+!
Jenni Bridges

I researched all the schools in San Diego and found that Avance Beauty College was a perfect fit for me. I love the staff and my fellow students. I have learned so much in the little time I have attended. I highly recommend Avance Beauty College.
Karina jones

This school has excellent teachers, everyone is very friendly and has a good teaching system
Stephanie Perez

Really nice school.
liz card

Got a manicure and the manicurist was awesome and did an amazing job. Recommended!!
Lindsay R

The school is great and you can make appointment to get services like facials and hair cuts at great prices. The teachers are always checking on what the student is doing.
Joanna arroyo

I like from this school that everyone is there to help you when you need it, we are like a big family and we have a lot of fun. Also the teachers are so good because they have the patience of teach you something new. As a student you have a lot chances to learn everything related to cosmetology.
Cassandra De Alba

I have learned a lot in the three weeks that i have been here. i cant wait to learn more. i like my teachers and the way they teach. this is the school to attend if your interested in studying cosmetology 🙂
luz prado