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Service to our Community and Sharing Smiles

Avancé Beauty College loves to be involved with and give back to our community.  This includes participating in charitable events to providing a lending hand to those in need.  These experiences are unforgettable for both the participants and our school.  We make changes in how people feel about themselves to providing services that makes a difference to the community and our college students.  Our success not only comes with what our students gain or accomplish in life, but is also reflected in what they do for others in the community.  These are some of the events that our school and students have had the opportunity to be involved with:

  1. House of Sophia: Avancé Beauty College maintains an ongoing community relationship with the House of Sophia, which is a nonprofit Christian organization in San Diego that provides a structured 90-day program for women suffering from physical abuse, substance abuse, and traumatic events requiring rehabilitation.  In an effort to assist in the recovery process and rebuild self-esteem; the students of Avancé Beauty College provide free hair, nail, facial and make-up services to the residents of the House of Sophia.  This is an extremely enriching and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

  2. Riverside Community College Beauty School Competition:  Avancé Beauty College was honored when presented with the trophy for Best Overall School.  This was a special Fantasy Bride theme competition where the students also had to design their own wedding gown.  All competing students demonstrated their creative Nail, Hair and Make-up techniques in a timed competition.  It was such a great experience for the students to participate in an educational competition that also showcased their creative and technical skills.

  3. Montgomery High School: Runway Show:  Montgomery High School sponsors a runway shows to earn money for senior student events.  Our school donates high-end products, services of our students, and use of our facilities to this event for items such as facials, haircuts, up-do’s and make-up.  Our students experience the pride of seeing their final work product on the finished model as they walk on the runway. 

  4. Toy Drive:  Montgomery High School holds a yearly toy drive in order to provide gifts for children in need at Christmas.  Avancé Beauty College is always looking for ways to give back to the community and think of everyone.  In doing so, we give coupons for free services to Montgomery High School to give along with toys for those who are in need.  

  5. Beauty School Forum – Anaheim: This event was held at the Anaheim Convention Center. This was a small trade show designed for beauty schools and instructors.  There were many manufacturers and distributors that conducted educational classes and demonstrations in all aspects such as nails and skin care. The competition was open for barbering and cosmetology students. The participating students had to demonstrate techniques in Nails, Make-up, and Hairstyles. The college students had the opportunity to showcase their fantastic ideas and demonstrate their outstanding work with other schools in the community.  

  6. San Ysidro High School: San Ysidro High School invited us to their Career Day Event.  It is very inspiring to participate every year and talk to students about an exciting career in Cosmetology at Avancé Beauty College.  The college students had the opportunity to interact with high school students. The college students practiced their customer service skills and the high school students and their staff had the opportunity to experience free services such as make-up and hairstyles.   As a way to show our appreciation to the students and staff we raffle services to be received at our campus and performed by students under supervised instruction.

  7. Southwestern College:  Avancé Beauty College was invited to participate in “Stress Free Week,” sponsored by Southwestern Community College (SWCC).  During this event, the students from Avancé Beauty College provided free services such as haircuts for men and women, hairstyles, and make-up for the students and staff members at SWCC.  We also gave enrollment information about our school and the course offered in the community.

  8. Amc Theaters Mega Mind Movie Premier:  This event was held in San Diego, California. Paramount Pictures invited Avancé Beauty College to participate in the Mega Mind Movie Premier by donating free services to children, babies, and toddlers.  The students from Avancé performed fantasy make-up and up-dos depicting their favorite character to all the children attending the premier. Everyone involved had a rewarding experience and enjoyed the event with the children and movie critics.  It was really nice to hear all the positive comments from the audience.  It was such a great experience for both the students as well as the staff members at Avancé Beauty College.  We enjoy making a positive difference in our community by participating and helping others.