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Enrollment and Orientation Procedures

All students enrolling at Avancé Beauty College must complete the new student enrollment and orientation process. The enrollment/orientation program may occur during the week immediately proceeding the start day. New students must attend the Orientation. The Enrollment/Orientation process is very important for the success of the student in school. The four steps of enrollment provide the student the opportunity to take the time to consider their decision. This helps secure their commitment to the program.

Getting Started

To get you started, we need you to schedule an appointment where we can discuss your goals, interests, educational plans, and desired employment.  We will give you a tour of the school provided by a student and an introduction to the staff.  Some of the topics that will be explained to you during your visits are:

  • The course offered, available class schedules, and enrollment requirements
  • The Job Outlook for careers in cosmetology and related fields
  • Requirements to take the State Licensing exam, applicable fees,and the structure of the exam
  • Total tuition charges, items included,and the  Enrollment Cost and Agreement
  • Uniform and materials required by the student
  • Financial aid and eligibility requirements
  • Overview of Pell Grant, FSEOG and Direct Stafford Loans
  • Amount of monthly payments that student may be responsible to pay
  • The impact of their student loan and repayment requirements.  We will discuss the aspects of defaulting, and the support services offered by the Dept. of Education and the school.
  • Inform the student they must reapply for FAFSA every July 1
  • Minimum Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) required
  • Registration fee of $75.00 is non-refundable.
  • California State Tuition Relief Fund mandatory one-time payment to the State – currently $40.00.
  • Application for Financial Aid FAFSA
  • Assist potential student with the applications
  • Receive all required documents for enrollment
  • Estimate students eligibility for financial aid after all requirements and applications have been submitted

Second Appointment

  • An Enrollment binder containing all the required Catalog, Course Outline, Disclosures, and Performance Fact Sheet are provided to the student
  • All documents must be read and signed by the student prior to the student entering into the Enrollment Agreement
  • Potential student will take the documents home and return the school’s copies signed before they sign the Enrollment Agreement

Third Appointment

Mandatory Orientation

  • The documents provided at the second appointment are discussed and any questions are answered
  • What the student must have their first day of class
  • Show an example of the time card and teach the student how to fill it out

Fourth Appointment

Enrollment Contract

  • The Enrollment Cost and Agreement is again explained to the student
  • The potential student signs the Enrollment Cost and Agreement